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A Natuzzi Italia recliner sofa utilizes modern technology to bring the maximum comfort. Functionality and innovation mix perfectly in our recliner

Ergo 5

A sofa with a casual design and technological character with many features

Excellent Italian craftsmanship, Triple Motion functions and high visual and seating comfort characterize this sofa.

Brick 1

A highly comfortable classic, which offers remarkably versatile configurations and coverings.

A square, contemporary design conceals exceptional comfort.

Stan 3

A simple, versatile sofa designed by Enrique Marti, ideal for any space and furnishing style.

An authentic galaxy of comfort, design and innovation. 

A sofa that becomes the star of every living room and space.

Fidelio 2

Designed by architects Manzoni and Tapinassi, the Fidelio sofa has a sophisticated structure with optional high-tech relax systems, armrests enriched with "pinched" stitching and enclosed by a metal structure that enhances the design.

With its compact size and high versatility, Volo is the ideal solution for any environment.

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A theatrical name for a sofa with considerable visual impact. 

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Diesis is a compact sofa, ideal even for small-size apartments. Its main features include stylish details, such as piping that sets off the armrests' profile, and thin wooden feet. 

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Duca is an impressive, accurately crafted sofa, whose superior comfort is apparent at first glance. 


A musical inspiration brings out liveliness and extreme versatility.

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Philo 4

The features that give a unique style to the modern, elegant design of the Philo sofa are accurate quilting and the shape of its metal feet.

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