Leather and materials Leather and materials Leather and materials

Leather and materials

Leather, fabrics, marbles and woods are expressions of our research, creativity and passion for materials.
Our vast range of upholsteries and finishes allows you to customize any sofa, bed or piece of furniture according to your taste and needs.


We are experts in leather and know how to work it, thanks to our 60 years experience.
Its beauty and fineness has always been one of the reasons of the success of our upholsteries.



Leather is a live material: it breathes and does not hide its natural marks - a sure signof its authenticity.


We know how to work it: our skilled tanners select the finest hides and enhance their beauty through a unique tanning process.


Our leather is safe and non-toxic, because every step of the tanning process is carried out in compliance withEuropean environmental regulations.


Protecta Leathers: upholsteries designed for those who want their sofas to be waterproof and durable, suitable for children and pets.


Natural Leathers: superior upholsteries for those wishing to enhance the aesthetics of their sofa.


Our upholstery fabrics are easy to distinguish by the touch.
Natural or technical, they all feature an unmistakable tactile pleasantness.

Natuzzi's range includes a wide variety of upholsteries designed for all lifestyles and interior decors.
The quality of natural fabrics combines with the performance of technical textiles,
allowing each customer to choose the sofa cover or rug that best suits their home.
Our rugs and upholsteries are made of fine natural materials like linen, wool, silk and cotton.
Viscose, velvet and technical microfibers provide superior resistance to washing and wear.


To us, materials have always been an important source of inspiration for our collections, which are made unique by a use of materials that has no equal in the world. Endless combinations of shapes and colors, skilfully designed at the Natuzzi Style Center: raw wood finished with high-gloss lacquers, fine marbles set off by hardened steel details, warm natural wood species next to shiny or satin-finished metal.


The Comfort Division of the Research and Development department determines
the combination of materials most suited for the padding of each model.


Ecoflex polyurethane

Polyurethane is a rubber material with important features: non-allergenic, antibacterial, flexible and strong. Our polyurethane is produced without using freon or other potentially toxic agents.

Memory Foam

A polyurethane that changes its shape according to the weight it supports. This characteristic allows it to adapt to the body, providing exceptional comfort.


Climalight: the next-generation filling
Anatomic, breathable and totally non-allergenic, this innovative material is a special blend of polyester microfibers with an enveloping "down effect".


The down used in our fillings is Class 1 (UNI EN 12934/01): non-allergenic and flame retardant, it undergoes several sterilization, cleaning and washing treatments for maximum hygiene.

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