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Rich, dense weaves of wool, silk and other natural materials become genuine masterpieces
of craftsmanship and creativity. Natuzzi Italia carpets complement the decor of any space
in the living area or the bedroom.


Affresco is a wonderfully hand-woven carpet.

A high-impact geometric effect created using the colours of rope and slate means this rug in plant-based silk adds a hit of personality to every space.

Giasone is the ideal carpet for those who love natural products, softness to the touch and the warmth of a low-key, welcoming home.

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The different shades of color create a delicate yet forceful play of shapes on the carpet.

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The refined texture of the Ottavio carpet highlights its hand-made quality.

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The highly versatile Pitagora carpet features a fringe around all the edges, which gives it character and uniqueness.

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Made from plant-based silk, Rhombus uses elegant shades of grey to create a sophisticated and minimalist pattern.

Riflesso has a "weathered" and at the same time very lustrous look.

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This refined carpet is made according to the traditional Tibetan hand-weaving technique from 100% bamboo silk, which ensures greater strength, flexibility and ease of handling.

The distinctive herringbone texture gives the Velio carpet a stylish look.

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