The largest Made in Italy furniture brand and Fabio Novembre, the architect and designer of the moment, combine their respective passions: the result is Intro, a unique installation in which art, design and craftsmanship unite in a deep dialogue. Intro is a perfect uterus, an egg-shaped alcove that literally swallows visitors and then returns them to the world, reborn and more aware. Recognised as the most controversial installation at the XXI Triennale di Milano in the “Stanze. Altre filosofie dell’abitare” (Rooms. Other philosophies of living) exhibition, Intro is a room that merges architecture and the forms of the body, an ideal dreaming place that Natuzzi has made cosy and welcoming thanks to the skill of its craftsmen. Created using the same raw materials that are used to produce sofas, Intro is a complex blend of entirely handmade materials. The outer panels, with their reflective power, and the interior, which is intimate and sensual due to the colour and warmth of Natuzzi leather, are only the most visible elements of a structure designed to restore harmony to those who experience it.

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